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Board of directors

The Board of Directors has honorary chairs Ambassador of USA in France and the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the French government.
Its members represent the two governments, the scientific and academic community and the business world.
The Board of Directors is responsible for the general policy of the Commission and its strategic direction.

  • Ms. Angela AGGELER (2017) Co-president

    Public Affairs Officer
    U.S. Embassy in France

  • Ms. Laurence AUER (2017) Co-president

    Director of Cultural, University and Research Cooperation
    French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

  • Mr. Andrew DIAMOND (2016) Professor of American history and civilization

    Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris IV

  • Ms. Leah PISAR (2013) Writer, Specialist in transatlantic relations
  • Ms. Julia Fendrick (2016) Treasurer

    Cultural Counsellor at the U.S. Embassy in France 

  • Mr. Charles TRUEHEART (2013) The American Library in Paris


  • Ms. Karen WEISBLATT (2014) Founder and associate

    Weisblatt & Associés

  • Mr. Carle BONAFOUS-MURAT (2014) President of University of Paris 3 : Sorbonne Nouvelle

    Representative of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU)

  • Ms. Clélia CHEVRIER-KOLACKO (2015) Assistant Director of Higher Education and Research

    French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGM/DCERR/ESR)

  • Ms. Elisabeth CREPON (2014) Director of the ENSTA-PARISTECH

    Chairwoman of the Development and Partnerships Commission of the CDEFI
    Representative of the Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering

  • Dr. Vincent MICHELOT (2013) University Professor

    Sciences-Po Lyon

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