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AMERICAN FULBRIGHT ORIENTATION 2022-2023 – September 28-29-30, 2022

The Franco- American Commission organized its orientation for US grantees on September 28 and 29.  On September 28,  grantees were invited to participate in walking tours of different areas of Paris ( Chinatown, Belleville, Jewish Paris-Le Maris, Paris Noir).  Even though participation was optional, it was a great opportunity to connect.

On September 29, the orientation meeting took place in the premises of the Ministry of of Foreign Affairs (Diplomatic Archives Centers).  Grantees were welcomed by representatives of the US Embassy and of the MFA.  Among others, they were able to attend presentations about Higher Education and Research in France. Patrick Simon ( Fulbright 2010 presented a survey on Population Diversity in France

On September 30, the group or ETA came to the Commission’s offices for a specific meeting. They got the opportunity to meet with 2 2021-2022 ETA

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