Fulbright Study Research Grants

Fulbright Study Research Grants

For recent college graduates, master- and doctoral- degree candidates, young professionals with less than five years of experience

6 to 10 months in France

Up to 20 grants awarded

(8 to 10 in the hard and life sciences) 

(8 to 10 in the arts, humanities, and social sciences)


Applicants in the arts, humanities, and social sciences may propose to do the following in their application: complete a full graduate degree (master's or Ph.D.); attend courses in a French university as a non-degree seeking student; pursue research in France; or pursue a combination of research and course work in France. Preference will be given to candidates enrolling in degree programs in a French institution.

  • Degree-seeking students will be eligible for a student visa.
  • Non-degree seeking students will be eligible for a visitor visa.

Candidates in the natural sciences and engineering may:

  • Enroll in a graduate degree program (master's or doctoral), or 
  • Conduct research*.

For reasons of visa eligibility, applicants in the hard sciences (including life sciences and engineering) must fall into one of three categories:

  • Be enrolled in a French university as a student during their stay in France, in which case they are eligible for a student visa;
  • Be enrolled in a U.S. university during their stay in France, in which case they are eligible for an intern visa; or
  • Provide verification of already having completed a master's degree before arriving in France, in which case they are eligible for a scientific-researcher visa.



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You are eligible if:

  • You recently received a bachelor's or master's degree, or
  • You are a doctoral student enrolled in a US university, or
  • You are an artist or professional with less than five years of professional experience (others should apply to the US Scholars Program).

You must be a citizen of the United States to receive a Fulbright grant. If you reside in France at the time of application, you cannot receive a Fulbright grant to France.

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It depends on your project. At minimum, we expect applicants to have completed on year of French study (or the equivalent) before receiving the grant.

French language proficiency is recommended, commensurate with the requirements of the project. Sponsored language courses are not offered by the Fulbright program in France; however, candidates are encouraged to check with the host institution for language course possibilities. In the Fulbright online application, applicants should include a Language Self-Evaluation and a Foreign Language Evaluation by a professional language instructor in relation to their language proficiency.

If you are applying to a degree program, you will need to satisfy the language requirement for that program.

Many host institutions offer language courses.

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You need to obtain an affiliation from a French institution or research center. 

It is the applicant's responsibility to secure affiliation with a French university or research center. A letter of affiliation should be submitted with the application. If the applicant is enrolling in a degree program, proof of acceptance is not required before or during the application process, but awards are made conditional upon acceptance by the chosen institution before arrival.

Before beginning the application process, candidates should take time to research the best possible place to pursue the chosen course of study, taking into consideration the faculty, achievements, publications, and research of the relevant department in a number of institutions, as well as their locations.Take the time to carefully consider where you would like to study and which city you would like to live in (Paris is not always an ideal choice). Compile a list of potential host institutions then contact the relevant faculty members, present your project and ask if they would like to work with you.

Candidates who will be applying to university study programs must pay attention to university program application deadlines and requirements. They should also pay particular attention to the requirement of enrolling with Campus France, a mandatory step in the application process. Most universities require that candidates complete registration with Campus France by March 20, 2020. Candidates should therefore register with Campus France well before the March 20 deadline in order to maintain eligibility for university enrollment. Access the Campus France "Etudes en France" enrollment portal here

Artists and musicians may study under private instruction and do not necessarily have to obtain affiliation with an accredited institution. 

Applicants are encouraged to establish contact with specialists in their fields before applying for a grant, and to solicit invitations to study under them. Although the Fulbright Commission in France prefers affiliation with accredited institutions, applicants may be authorized to study with private teachers. Please note that additional personal funds will be needed to cover costs for private lessons, rehearsal facilities, studio space, etc.

NB: American universities and their French campuses do not count as acceptable affiliations. It must be a French institution. Additionally, INSEAD is not an acceptable affiliation.

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Awards are conditional upon your acceptance into the program that you identified in your proposal. However, you do not need to prove your acceptance before applying for a Fulbright grant. 

If you are applying to a university, you must register with Campus France, the French Foreign Ministry's portal for international students. The registration deadline for most institutions is March 20, well before most university decisions are announced. You must therefore register before the deadline to maintain eligibility for university enrollment. Consult the CampusFrance website for details.


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No, you are responsible for your tuition fees, which are highly subsidized by the French state.

In 2019-2020, annual fees for public institutions were: 

  • €3770 for the Master's (or Master's equivalent).
  • €391 for the Doctorat (or PhD equivalent).
  • €3770 for Ecoles d'ingénieurs (engineering programs).

For private institutions, we recommend that you consult the institutions website.

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Any grantee staying in France for a period of over 90 days must obtain a visa. Fulbright grantees will receive guidance regarding the visa process upon selection.

Candidates residing in France at the time of application are not eligible for consideration.


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Applications for 2019-2020 grants are due by October 8, 2019.

Applications for the Fulbright US Student program are administered by the Institute for International Education. Students apply either through their home institution or as at-large applicants. 

  • If you are enrolled at a US college or university, you will apply through your host institution's Fulbright representative. 
  • If you are an alumnus/a of such an institution, you will apply though your alma mater.
  • All other applicants will apply as at-large applicants in their state of permanent residence in the US (even if they reside elsewhere).

Please consult the Institute of International Education's website for further information, and to identify you Fulbright representative.

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What is the selection procedure?
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For American candidates, the Fulbright Commission is assisted an independent institution in the United States: the Institute of International Education (IIE). This institution pre-selects the best candidates with the help of juries made up of university professors, professionals, and Fulbright alumni. Their reccomendations are sent to the Fulbright Comission in France which then submits the candidates' project proposals to specialists in France for evaluation. These specialists then submit their comments to the Fulbright Comission Selection Committee which makes a final decision.

Grantees will be required to attend a mandatory 1- to 2-day in-country orientation in late September or early October, and a 2-day mid-year conference in February (organized by the Fulbright Commission in France).


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