Boitouzet's Transparent Wood Receives Top Innovation Prize

Sample of the transparent wood invented by T. Boitouzet

French Fulbright Alum Timothée Boitouzet  awarded the Grand Prize of Innovation 2015 from the Besnard de Quelen Foundation

Boitouzet’s research is at the intersection of materials science, architecture, organic chemistry and molecular biology. It has given birth to a new material for the construction industry: a transparent rot-proof wood, which is stronger and more sustainable than regular wood.

"With this Fulbright experience, I have left my pen and drawing table aside and transposed the creative process under the microscope, applying my knowledge and skills to the matter itself as I would have done for a building.” Boitouzet has created a company – Woodoo – to develop his invention… while also working as a full-time architect! 


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