Cyril Norbec sur le rôle de l'Education dans l'intégration des migrants et réfugiés

21/03/2017 - Alumni : évènements, publications et soutenances

Le 10 avril 2017, Cyril Norbec, principal du Colège Gassicourt à Mantes la Jolie et participant 2016 au European Admisnitrators Program donnera une conférence au College of Education + Human Development de l'Université du Minnesota sur le sujet suivant:

History, Policy, and Education: The Crucial Role ofEducation in Migrant and Refugee Integration

France is home to one of the highest proportions of immigrant descendants in Europe. The history of immigration is not only a history of migrants. It's the history of the whole French society which feeds on interactions between migrants, who want to be integrated and live as a real French citizen. France, is currently experiencing its capacity to welcome refugees and migrants (capacity in terms of hospitality and communication immigrant families). What does it means to be a migrant/ refugee in France in 2017 when Europe is facing an increased flow of immigration? What are the results of integration and assimilation policies in France? How can France manage its colonial past
in the context of increased migration? What are the main immigration issues in France, a secular democratic country? How can France improve their policy towards migrants and refugees who come from many countries and many
socioeconomic, political, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds. What is the role of French education in the integration of migrants and the successful resettlement in the new country and environment. The challenge of diversity must be our goal in the next decades but to acheive this goal, we have to work with real policies based on education, employment, and social cohesion initiatives.

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