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The Franco-American Fulbright Commission was established in 1948 to foster leadership, learning, and empathy between the United States and France. Today, the Commission provides grants for its grantees to study and to conduct research in the United States or in France, thanks to the funding of both the French government, through the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, and the American government through the United States Department of State.

Fulbright grantees represent a wide variety of professional and academic domains. They create, innovate, discover, and take action. They find new ways of thinking. They respond to the challenges of their time.

Under the honorary presidency of the French Foreign Minister and the Ambassador of the United States in France, the Franco-American Fulbright Commission is administered by a binational board of directors, which defines its strategic orientation. The Commission works with public and private partners to increase access to the opportunities that it offers.

The Franco-American Fulbright Commission is an agent of cultural diplomacy, promoting solidarity, service, and respect for difference. It recognizes the richness of diversity and operates on the principles of free thought and expression.

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The Franco-American Commission Fulbright France supports cultural and academic exchanges between France and the United States. These exchanges aim at sharing, promoting, and making progress in intercultural knowledge and skills. They also aim at answering various current social challenges, and establishing durable connections on both personal, and professional levels between France and the United States in order to contribute to the ideas of mutual understanding, and international cooperation. 

The Franco-American Commission Fulbright France strongly values diversity, equity, and inclusion through its actions, communication, and in all of its programs. All the people interested in the development of the relations between France and the United States are encouraged by the Commission to apply to its various grants, to be involved in its activities, and apply to its job offers and internships. 

The Commission is committed to equal opportunities as well as the fight against discrimination in accordance with the criteria established by the Defender of Rights.

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  • Evaluating applications to our grants to travel to the United States
  • Supporting our U.S. grantees when arriving in France
  • Informing on the possibilities offered by the U.S. higher education system with the support of the EducationUSA network
  • Organizing events and activities for current and former grantees to foster our Alumni network, and shed light on their projects to the French audience.
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The Franco-American Commission Fulbright France is committed to value all applications of excellence including :

  • Applicants who never had the opportunity to travel abroad to study or conduct researches
  • Applicants affected by obstacles such as disabilities or chronic diseases
  • Applicants who received a grant based on social critera during their studies

We also value all academic careers achieved in a process of cultural integration and adaptation as well as from underprivileged, or under-represented geographical areas such as rural areas, peripheries, or Overseas Departments and Territories.  

Our vision on Franco-American diversity also applies to the projects we support. Multidisciplinary projects and topics of research advocating for equity and inclusion, a better mutual understanding between the peoples, and projects aiming at reinforcing the dialogue with the rest of the world are sponsored by the Franco-American Commission Fulbright France. 

Inclusion and accessibility are the pillars of diversity present among the various programs of Fulbright France before departure, during, and after the Fulbright experience. These values are considered important references throughout the selection process, during the administration of our programs, and for the promotion of the achievements of our Alumni. 

The Franco-American Commission Fulbright France supports a proactive dynamic in all its efforts of inclusion, and truly listens to all to guarantee a complete inclusion as well as the promotion of all projects of excellence.



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