Congratulations to the 74 American 2024/25 Fulbright France grantees!

03/07/2024 - Grants

Congratulations to the 74 Americans who will be coming to France this year 2024/25 with a grant from our Franco-American Commission Fulbright France!

Thanks to our partners supporting our grant programs (Université Paris-Saclay / CY Initiative / Université Grenoble Alpes / Université de Bordeaux / ENS Paris-Saclay / IMéRA / ENS Rennes / Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine / EHESS / Fondation des États-Unis / Région Hauts-de-France) !

Link to the complete list of US recipients of this upcoming promotion (Airtable)

We look forward to seeing our American grantees 2024/25 in France!


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