Encounter between Josh Barbre, US 2023/24 grantee & Micaela Blay-Thorup, FR alumna 1953/54

11/04/2024 - Meetings

An exceptional transatlantic encounter between Josh Barbre, American 2023/24 grantee & Micaela Blay-Thorup, longest serving member of our program (French alumna 1953/54): both benefited from a Fulbright France scholarship and walked the halls of the University of Arizona 70 years apart!

Read Josh's article on his encounter with Micaela

Josh explains how he met Micaela, the exceptional experience of this French woman's stay in the USA with the Fulbright program (during which Micaela studied but also sang), and the impact of this mobility to Arizona on her professional career (since she went on to work in cultural exchanges)!

What a pleasure to see our Fulbright France grantees & alumni forging intergenerational friendships! 

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