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The Franco-American Fulbright Commission has set up a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for tax purposes. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by U.S. law and will be acknowledged with a tax receipt.

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What the Fulbright program means to you

Our alumni give their testimonies about the Fulbright program:

Sarah Beckmann – Archeology
“As a scholar, my Fulbright year has introduced me to a number of working archaeologists and researchers in France, with whom I plan to stay in close professional and personal contact, and I believe that this year has me poised to become a true international scholar.”

John Romey – Musicology
“The connections I made and the experiences I had throughout this year in Europe will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel that besides professional connections and networks that I intend to nurture and develop, that I am better positioned to council students in the future who want to work in France or Europe.“

Josh Coleman – English Teaching Assistant at Lycée Jacques Brel, La Courneuve
“The students I have met at the Lycée Jacques Brel are motivated, caring, intelligent, and interested in learning about other cultures. My students more than surpassed my expectations and daily pushed me to expand my understanding of institutions of power in France. Even now, I consistently ask myself, “What can I do to make sure that my students have as many opportunities as any other French students?” I feel motivated to fight for those brilliant students whom I have taught this year.” 

Susan Haigh, ETA: working with refugees in the South of France
“My interest in uncovering deeper layers of France's diverse society led me to my side project in Perpignan with La Cimade, working hands-on with immigrants, refugees and minority groups. Last November, I met Jacques Ollion, a La Cimade volunteer and retired international human rights lawyer. I have been working with him since as an intern learning about immigration law and human rights in France. In working alongside volunteers, I am becoming increasingly knowledgeable on human rights legally available to immigrants and refugees in France. I assist with a variety of tasks: taking detailed notes on immigrants' situations during meetings, offering English to French translation for recipients (often Russians, Ukrainians, Mongolians, Syrians, etc.) who speak better English than French, writing asylum demands, organizing immigration files, and aiding with administrative tasks.”

Ellen Beaulieu, University of New England, Fulbright International Education Administrator 2014
“France has everything to offer and is a wonderful place to learn. I thought I knew quite a bit, but came back full of new insights, ideas, and connections. I am eager to return to France to continue this work.”

Patricia LaGrow, University of Central Oklahoma, Fulbright International Education Administrator 2014
“The Fulbright experience was truly transforming! I have read about the Bologna process but hearing it from those who created it and live it was remarkable. The university officials and faculty with whom we met were all well prepared to explain their universities, programming and opportunities for collaboration.”

Lisa Severy, University of Colorado Boulder, Fulbright International Education Administrator 2014
“The experience was phenomenal! This opportunity opened a whole new set of doors in terms of understanding the nature of higher education in Europe and in understanding our own systems here in the US.”

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