"Media Literacy" Seminar at the Maison de la Radio on October 23, 2023

23/10/2023 - Meetings

"Media Literacy" Seminar organized at the Maison de la Radio by Fulbright France on Monday, October 23, 2023

This half-day seminar was aimed at our current American ETA grantees (English assistants) as well as our French FLTA alumni (former French assistants in the USA) in order to train and accompany them as teachers on the theme of disinformation.

1) CLEMI intervention:
- Presentation of CLEMI, Virginie Sassoon, Deputy Director of CLEMI
- Participatory workshops, Elsie Russier, head of the CLEMI Labo Formation unit and Xavier Gillet, CLEMI trainer

2) Round table "Educators: getting informed on social networks" as part of Fulbright France's 2023 Café Scientifique program:
- Antoine Boyer, former FLTA laureate (Alumnus Fulbright France 2012/13) & AFP journalist ("Sur le fil", news podcast)
- Louise Verdelet, former FLTA laureate (Alumna Fulbright France 2017/18) & history teacher
- Nour-Eddine Zidane, editor-in-chief of Le Mouv', Radio France group

3) Guided tour of the Maison de la Radio

4) Reception: exchanges between speakers specializing in Media Literacy, our current ETA US Fulbright France grantees and our French FLTA alumni attending the seminar

Thank you to the participants and speakers for such instructive exchanges during this seminar! 


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