OPEN APPLICATIONS (2025/26) - Student Programs to France (grants for US citizens)

18/06/2024 - Grants

OPEN APPLICATIONS (2025/26) - Student Programs to France (Fulbright France grants for US citizens)

The Franco-American Commission, co-financed by the French and American governments, offers grants to US citizens through the US Student Programs:

- candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree (candidates who have more than 5 years of professional experience or who have already obtained a doctoral degree should apply to the US Scholar program)
- grants to graduating college seniors, recent bachelor-degree recipients, master- and doctoral-degree candidates, young professionals, and artists to study in France


Different US Student Programs:

- Fulbright-French Government ETA (English Teaching Assistantships): students holding at least a bachelor's degree (candidates with a Master's degree are preferred) ; candidates for the Fulbright ETA program in France must apply to the general TAPIF program through the French Embassy, in addition to the Fulbright program (two separate applications)
- Fulbright-ENS Grants: for study (master's degree) and research at ENS Paris-Saclay or ENS Rennes (fundamental sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences, and humanities & humanities/social sciences, life/physical sciences).
- Fulbright Study Research Grants: for recent college graduates, master - and doctoral - degree candidates, young professionals with less than five years of experience (CY Initiative / Harriet Hale Wooley / Université de Bordeaux / Université Grenoble Alpes)


Value/benefits: a monthly allowance and a travel allowance (details of each grant on our website)


Duration: 6 to 24 months, depending on the program and the project


Applications deadline for US Student Programs: October 8, 2024


More information about applications & eligibility


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