Replay Café scientifique #2 - "Engagements: civil societies and the democratic challenge"

21/04/2023 - Meetings
If you missed our 2nd Fulbright France "café scientifique" that took place online (Zoom) on April 12, feel free to go to our YouTube channel to view the recording of the conference.
The theme "Engagements: civil societies and the democratic challenge" has been discussed by :
• Stephen BOUCHER, Fulbright France alumnus (2003-04), founder and CEO of Dreamocracy, Professor ULB, CIFE, Sciences Po
• Eva OTTAVY, Fulbright France NGO Leaders alumna (2020-201) and Head of International Solidarities, La Cimade (an association of active solidarity with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers)
The online conference has been moderated by:
• Jean GUO, American Fulbright France alumna (2016-17), founder of Konexio and Member of the Board of Directors of Fulbright France

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